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What’s The Right Footwear For You? Ask Our Podiatrist!

January 24, 2023

There are few functions more elemental to our day-to-day activities than walking. And, because most of us don’t spend a lot of time barefoot, there are few choices more important to walking correctly and comfortably than our footwear. Yet, many people may not spend much time thinking about or researching the best footwear to match the individual characteristics of their feet or their primary activities. And some make choices based on fashion instead of function.

Our doctor of podiatry at Active Ankle and Foot Care Specialist wants our patients to make healthy choices when considering the right types of shoes, boots and other footwear. After all, we spend an average of four hours per day on our feet, taking somewhere in the neighborhood of four thousand steps per day!

Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when picking out footwear you’ll be spending countless hours and taking countless steps in: 

  • Try on shoes near the end of the day when your feet are larger, and with the socks you typically wear.
  • Measure both feet. One is usually larger and the footwear must fit both.
  • As we age, our feet become larger. Don’t go by last year’s size.
  • Each brand and style are sized differently. Don’t go by the size on the box, but rather by the fit of the shoe.
  • Footwear should feel comfortable right out of the box; don’t expect them to stretch or break in later.

Unless the footwear is custom made, it was not manufactured for the particular shape of your feet, including the arch, heel and ankle. And the inserts that come with most footwear is of the standard variety and won’t do much to provide proper support and comfort. A visit to our podiatrist at Active Ankle and Foot Care Specialist is a valuable way to find out which type of footwear is best for your needs, and to discuss the benefits of a prescription insert such a custom-made orthotic. Please contact us today for an appointment!

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