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Summer and Your Feet: Tips From Our Podiatrist

June 26, 2023

Summer evokes images of days in the sun at the beach, pool or enjoying our favorite outdoor activities like hiking, golf and baseball. As we ramp up our activities, the friendly doctor of podiatry at Active Ankle and Foot Care Specialist reminds our patients to make sure our feet are properly protected so they’re up to the task!

Let’s start with footwear. Flip-flops might be the most convenient and popular choice in the hot weather, but are they good for your feet? A pair of foam rubber flip-flops that cost a couple of bucks might be OK at the beach or poolside, but they are not going to provide the type of support and protection required for everyday use. It’s best to wear them in moderation. Same goes for sandals. Cheaper models with no arch support can leave the wearer open to Achilles tendon issues and heel pain. Look for brands with foot beds and straps that offer protection and support.

During a season filled with sports and sightseeing, choosing the right summer footwear means selecting models with good arch support, laces or straps to stabilize your feet, and a wide or open toe box to make sure your toes are not crowded. 

And don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your feet when they’re exposed to the sun! They require the same sun protection as other parts of the body.

Summer is a great time to schedule a visit to our doctor of podiatry to help you get off on the right foot. A hands-on examination and consultation about your lifestyle and level of activity will guide us to recommendations for the best footwear choices, and to determine whether a custom orthotic or other insert would be beneficial. Our feet are always changing, and the type of footwear we’ve worn over the years might not be the best choice today.

Let the foot and ankle specialist at Active Ankle and Foot Care Specialist ensure that you’re safe and comfortable this summer. Please contact us today for an appointment. 

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